Friday, January 7, 2011

Rex and Katerblap.

 Why Rex? It said "name your blog". It's like naming a pet, I figure. So, ok, Rex. Simple, short, to the point, it has a name. My real animals that live with me always have better names. Like my turtle, Gamera. A lot of blogs have pictures in them now to make them more interesting, so I will include a picture of Gamera to make this blog more interesting:

  <-Gamera. You can see her because I've pointed to her with a lot of red arrows.

Anyone not knowing where her name comes from is kind of stupid may want to know:

  See. There are all of these people cheering because they see this giant turtle, then the turtle goes in and starts stomping all over buildings and screaming, because all turtles would do that if they were giant, like Gamera. I think it's because their shells probably feel unwieldy and they'd like some time out of the shells once in a while. Imagine wearing a bra or jock strap all the time. Just chafing and irritating. You'd be prone to violence also.

 Anyhow, then people are told to evacuate to the suburbs, where they can live long, boring lives worrying about their lawns and belching while watching baseball. This actually is not a great choice: stomped on by a giant turtle, or bored to death, but the people are ordered to go to the suburbs anyhow. I really feel for people from Tokyo in those times - either Godzilla was breathing fire all over them and knocking out their power constantly, or they dealt with screaming turtles and were forced into suburbs. I'm happy that Japan is better now. Except that weird sort of obsession among businessmen with schoolgirl comics, but I won't get into that (thankfully). 

 I don't really expect my turtle to become gigantic and start screaming and knocking over my stuff - I leave that to the kids and husband, but if my turtle ever does, I'm going to make a ton of money by making it a viral video and then appearing on many morning shows with my tales of harrowing turtle violence.

 Katerblap is the captcha word (fuck those things) that I had to use to make this blog. Somehow it seems appealing and just about right.I may rename the blog later to Katerblap if I decide I dislike Rex.

 So this may or may not be the first of many blogs. I get bored, I blog. If I remember where this blog is, I'll be back.